Any continually progressing visual is fantastic for keeping kids’ attention while you teach and Origami is just that! Using a square of any color paper, you can create all kinds of animals, objects buildings, modes of transportation, and more while you teach. The list is almost endless!

The key to using origami for your lesson is to find an object that is a part of your story to make in origami form and do not tell the children what you are making! Just begin folding while you are talking. For example, let’s say that you are teaching on the story of Jesus’ Baptism, create an origami dove. If you are telling the story of Jesus’ calming the storm, make an origami boat. Or, if you have an object from an object lesson book, make the object out of origami while you teach instead of just holding the actual object. Another possibility is to allow the whole class to make the origami object from your story as a take home reminder of the lesson! Using free designs online made for children are great for beginning adults, too.

If you would like to see a free example of an origami lesson in the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault, click here now!