Picture in your mind a storytelling method that  involves every child in the class whether you have a class of 6 or 600, is inexpensive, and takes little preparation.   Sound to good to be true?  Almost, but it isn’t! A wild twist to storytelling is a method called Mop and Broom Puppetry.  It really isn’t puppetry at all, but it is the best classroom participation method you can use, involving everyone in the room at one time with impromptu action and pre-planned sound effects!

Mops and brooms are used to make story characters, the yarn or bristles become the hair surrounding a velcroed face.  Children use mops and brooms to respond to action words in the parts of the main characters.   The remaining class members participate with key word sound effects strategically placed throughout the script.  And, for you, the teacher, no memorization is involved since the story is read to insure use of the action words and sound effects.  What’s the result?  A great deal of fun and the ultimate in audience participation!

You can see a free sample of mom and broom storytelling by clicking here now for Sir Lost-a-lot and the Armor of God in the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault.