Creating the anticipation that something special is about to happen gives a big boost to children’s interest in your lesson! Increased interest is just one of the benefits of using illusions in your classroom. You can find countless websites for Gospel magic ideas, scripts, and props here in these listings at Sites 4 Kids Ministry, as well as sites of professional Gospel Illusionists.  You can also gladly click here for free Gospel magic object lessons you can make and scripts for commonly owned Gospel magic provided by children’s pastors worldwide in the Gospel Illusion area of the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault.

Gospel illusions, simply object lessons with a special effect, are also helpful because they do well at illustrating abstract concepts such as salvation or the Trinity.  A common object lesson to illustrate the Trinity has always been using an apple.  The three parts of an apple represent the three persons of the Godhead.  Imagine the stronger impact made with three Gozinta boxes.  These specially designed boxes fit inside one another in any order, making them an excellent illustration that there are three persons who make up the Godhead, persons who are the same in thought and purpose, yet there is only one God.

If you are a beginner to gospel magic, you will probably want to start with some self-working effects.  If you would like to read the full post with some beginner tips on using Gospel magic, please click here now.