Games can be both educational and entertaining. Review games add zest to the class while reinforcing the main thoughts for the day. It is our goal to have kids remember what we teach and review games are an effective way of doing that.

All of us also know that children have different mental and physical skills. It’s good to vary games according to these skills to allow each child to feel good about his or her accomplishments during the game time. For example, a child who is not well coordinated will withdraw or become discouraged if all the games center on physical challenges or abilities. The opposite is also true.  You can click here to read and implement the remaining game tips from the post, Practical Advice for Group Games, in the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault.   You can also click here for some free game ideas submitted by other children’s ministry leaders.

Group games can increase the excitement level of your class, reinforce scriptural truths, and help your students feel good about themselves and their church experience!