Yes, you sure can! There are a couple of simple ways to use ballooning in your lesson or service:

1.  The most popular is to create a sculpture based on an object or animal in your Bible story. For example, let’s say that you are teaching on Daniel in the lion’s den. Create a balloon lion while you are telling the story. Or, for the story of Jesus’ Baptism, create a balloon dove.
2.  Maybe you have an object lesson based on a basket. Instead of just showing a basket while you talk, make one with balloons while you are teaching.
3.  You can also use a balloon animal known for a particular characteristic related to your story. An example of this would be using an elephant, which is known for his memory, in a story on communion, or Jesus’ return, since you would be focusing on something the kids’ need to remember.

Use the links below to find 100’s of free ballooning instructions.  You can also read through some brief beginning instructions in this post from the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault called, Balloons Can Enhance Your Lessons.

Get some totally free Gospel ballooning lessons in the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault by clicking here.

Ballooning is a great addition with creates extra interest to hold your kids’ attention while teaching spiritual truths.  You can also use your creation as a give-away for good behavior at the end of service (just no balloons for preschoolers).