Peace Lover’s Ministries Pakistan


My Name is Imran Farooq.

The main theme of Peace Lover’s Ministries is Jesus is coming soon. They are specially training the Children and youngster for the coming of Jesus Christ and they also want to up grade the living standard of the poor Christian’s women and children in the Pakistan.

AIMS OF Peace Lover’s  MINISTRY:

Trained Youth  and children for the coming of Jesus Christ. Raise the prayer groups. Make Biblical Educational centers in those places, where there is darkness. Make shelter places for female orphan children. Want to up grade the living standard of the poor Christian females and children. Want to fulfill the needs of the poor Christians, because they firstly want to fulfill there needs and then the word of God.


Free Education Center Warispura


Free English Speaking Course
Free Mobile Dispensary
Stitching Centers
Middle School for poor Christians
Sunday Schools in un-reach areas
Orphanage Center
Old age Center
Free Computer Training Center

We have not much experience to minister our people. We can do this job with your moral support. Please join us for revival in Pakistan. Our peoples  forget that Jesus is our savior and Lord. People are mostly un-educated and don’t know Jesus is coming soon. Our main desire is that to improve the living standard
of the people and prepare them for the coming of Jesus Christ.

If you are able to do something for the poor people please do it for our Christians who are
living in Pakistan. Please you especially pray for us that Lord Jesus Christ use us for His glorious work.

Thanks and God bless you all.
Brother in Christ
Imran Farooq
Peace Lover’s Ministries Pakistan